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Project management software created to improve and simplify the activities of public institutions, companies, retailers and self-employed professionals. Business promotion and customer loyalty management systems. We develop our Apps using cutting edge web and mobile technology. Native Android and iOS Apps. Website building and SEO services.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Urkin has an eye to future technologies, so we already design and develop AR and VR-based Apps. With these technologies, you can create all-new and all-different experiences for your users, with more involvement and interest. Do you want to see if a piece of furniture fits at home even before buying it? Do you want more info on a piece of art just by looking at it? Do you want to dive in worlds of imagination? You can do this and more thanks to these new ways to live reality. Find more on the dedicated page.

Mobile Apps

Urkin creates Mobile Apps for Android and iOS. All our Apps are developed in native code so they are always up to date and in line with the latest specs form Google and Apple. This also guarantees the best compatibility with the devices on the market.

Web Apps, Websites and SEO services

Our services reach the Web: we develop browser-based applications and cloud services tailored to each client and accessible from everywhere. We also build websites and blogs, taking care of the design and SEO so they can be immediately available to the public.

U*AR - Realtà Aumentata

U*AR is the new Augmented Reality service by Urkin. Your ideas beyond reality.

RES PublicA

Monitoring system for public associations and professionists in environmental problems.