EXO update 1.1

EXO – Update 1.1

A new update for EXO, with new features!

The iOS version of EXO is still in develop, in the meanwhile Android users can grab the new 1.1 update.
Here’s the changelog:

Level selector
With update 1.1 starting level is now selectable (max up to level 10). Need relaxing time? Start from level 1. Wanna a real challenge? Start from level 10 and jump into action. But remember: higher levels, higher scores.

More friends, more bonus
Invite friends and get better bonus ratio. More bonus, more points.

Simplified tutorial access
EXO is a simple and addictive game, but some mechanics can be tricky at first. Now you can visualize the tutorial before every game.

And the best news? The update rollout has just begun!

Accept the challenge, start playing EXO today!

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EXO for iOS confirmed

The iOS porting begins.
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